Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Dimensional Outbreak

Dimensional Outbreak PAL 875 Pub. by Palladium Books Softcover, 192 pages. MSRP $24.95.

Dimensional Outbreak is Rifts Dimension Book 12 (both there are a lot of them, aren't there) focusing on the effects of the Minion War, the clash between the rival dimensions of Hades and Dyval. Contains more details on the Demon Fleet and Demon Magic (60+ new spells and rituals), a timeline for both Phase World and Center as well as maps of Center.

As is the case will all Palliadum books I have seen, Dimensional Outbreak is physically well put together. The cover is tightly bound and uses the standard Pallaidum Rifts dress. Inside, there's a very thorough 4 page TOC, alas no index though.

The last page gives some indication as to the direction Palladium plans to go with the Minion War, with ads for upcoming tie-ins to Heroes Unlimited. another Phase World sourcebook (listing the 2000 people who purchased a limited print to help Palladium during its financial woes a few years ago) and another WorldBook, this one returning to the New German Republic.

All in all, Dimensional Outbreak is a very sound release, but one most likely finding interest (and sales) among those who are already fans of Palladium's Megaverse

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