Saturday, April 10, 2010

Egypt Wars Day 2

Twelve people in for the Rogue Trader today. Half of them are from Cape Girareau and half are from the local Lords of Egypt group. No idea what the standings are but last time I checked they were halfway through the third round.

Steve Chenault from Troll Lord Games has run 3 Castles and Crusades events this weekend. All of them have gone off with 4+ players and the players have reported themselves very happy with the event. Star Wars SAGA, Pathfinder and QAGS are running in the RPG area as well.

The Settlers of Catan event filled early. Could have handled more but they were short one game and didn't have the 5-6 player expansion. Too bad as they got pretty cool prizes: a Catan polo shirt and the 2009 Catan Christmas decoration.

Magic legacy event started about 3 today, earlier than I expected but they got done with the Entered tournament after only about 4 hours.

A dozen players showed up for the Star Wars miniatures tournaments. The Dynamic Duos event kicked off at 9 a.m.. They are playing 150 points now and will finish up with a 100 point team event tonight.

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