Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dual Terminals

Thinking about getting in one or two of Konami's Dual Terminals. Got a chance to take a look at the at the GAMA Trade Show and they are pretty cool looking. One of the things that concerned me originally was that they were counter top sized units, which would take up some pretty precious counter space in the store. Instead, they are floor standing units which work much better since we have much more floor available than we do countertop.

The price is a bit off putting, $2500 per unit, and the cards for the unit are fairly expensive as well. Konami expects most stores to hit breakeven with the units in about a year. Some some stores are doing much better than that. Another plus in their favor is that there are currently only about 100 units in the US, located in about 80 stores, making them a heavy drawing point for Yu Gi Oh players from miles around. My concern is that the Yu Gi Oh fan base in southern Illinois is not strong enough to support one machine, let alone two. I'm going to carefully look at Yu Gi Oh sales and tournament attendance through the end of May before making a final decision.

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