Saturday, April 3, 2010

GIrl Genius: The Works

One of the cool products I saw at the recent GAMA Trade Show was Bucephalus Games' relaunch of the Girl Genius: The Works card game. This is one of James Earnest's (the designer behind such games as Kill Dr. Lucky and Give Me the Brain) favorite games because of the amount of strategy possible, despite the apparent randomness of the card play. The basic mechanic involves moving a card to a position so that you can "pop" it off the table and into your score pile. When the last possible "pop" is made, the player with the highest scoring pile wins. You can play a game in under 30 minutes and the cards are illustrated with art from the Girl Genius web comic/trade paperbacks.

GG: TW has been out of print for several years, so I'm happy to see it getting re-release, especially in the much larger packaging, about the size of a Munchkin box, which should keep it from getting lost on the shelves. I'll have to see if I can find my copy so I can get some games in before the new edition hits the shelves this summer.

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