Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Firefly Games

The release by Upper Deck of its Firefly Shiny Dice and the announcement by the company that it will release a Firefly deckbuilding game using its Legendary game engine means that there are now four different companies that have released games based on Firefly:

-Upper Deck has the dice and deckbuilding games, as noted above
-Margaret Weis Productions released the Firefly roleplaying game, the company also released the Serenity RPG back in 2005
-Gale Force 9 puts out the Firefly board game
-Finally Toy Vault produces the Firefly Out of the Dark card game

No idea how this happened as typically a company gets a license for a property and then has the rights to produce all products within a category for that property. Having different companies produce games using the same license at the same time is very unusual.