Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Free RPG Day One per Box

Unless you are Blue Panther and contributing dice trays, dice towers and dice cups, or Off World Designs and putting in a t-shirt,  both of which are pretty costly, send out just one item per box is a waste of your promotional dollars and my time and table space. I am not getting things in the kit for me to look, I expect stuff in the box to come in a large enough quantity that a reasonable number of people coming in for the event will get one. I buy the box for the express purpose of giving away the books in it, not to look at your sample and decide if I am going to stock it in or not.  You should look at this as a promotional opportunity to get a teaser for your RPG into as many of my customer’s hands as you can.  Pazio, Magpie Games and Renegade all provided lots of copies of their products and lots of customers will go home with them.

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