Thursday, November 18, 2021

Marvel RPG

 Marvel has announced the Marvel Multiverse RPG for release in 2022 . Not suprisingly, there will be three differnt covers. I am just suprised there are  not 7 or more and that one is a 1:25 variant copy.

By my count this is at least the third Marvel RPG that has released.  TSR did one back in the 1980s. Wizard Publications put one out about 10 years ago and  Margaret Weiss Productions released one about 5 or so years ago. There may have been one or two others  but if there are, I do not remember them.

The MCU and super heroes in general, have always been hard to replicate in RPG form On one hand, you have characters with power off the charts like Superman and Thanos and on the other hand you have "street level" heroes like Elektra and Robin. How do you make a balanced system that allows players to create both types of characters?  I still think Champions was one of the best RPG systems for accomplihing this and even it would not easly let you make a Hulk-type character.

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