Sunday, November 7, 2021

New Games Workship


Commemorative Series: Da Red Gobbo and Bounca
• Da Red Gobbo returns with his trusty steed Bounca, for use in Ork armies in games of Warhammer 40,000
• A new Commemorative Miniature only available until the 30th of December
• Da Red Gobbo is the perfect festive gift for a hobbyist or a fine addition to any greenskin collection
• Rules and Power Level are included in the Construction Guide – Points will be published online and he will be usable in Legends play

US $35/ CAN $45

Warcry: Red Harvest
• A brand new Red Harvest Box packed with new rules, miniatures and terrain
• Includes everything needed to start playing games of Warcry: – 23x Citadel Miniatures and 28x Terrain pieces – 1x 104-page Warcry: Red Harvest book (Softback) – 1x Double-sided Gaming Board, 79x tokens, 1x 12” long acetate measuring ruler – 19x Fighter Cards, 4x Wound Divider Cards, 16x Ability Cards (2x unique Ability Cards available in EFIGSCJR) and 48x Battle Plan Cards. – 18x Dice (6x Red, 6x Black, 6x Tan, all with white ink)
• Approximately 77% Added Value

US $210/ CAN $250

Warzone Octarius: Book 2 – Critical Mass
• Octarius themed Campaign can be played in Open, Matched or Narrative play
• Provides a Campaign Tree system with multiple stages, Crusade Rewards, full-scale Bombardment, Critical Missions rules and Victor Rewards
• Matched play content for Ork players: Codex Supplement: Blood Axes and Army of Renown: Speed Freaks Speed Mob
• Index: Astra Cartographica, a suite of bespoke rules and a Crusade section for this Imperium faction
• The Octarius Crusade section contains relics for a wide array of factions

US $50/ CAN $60

Crusade Mission Pack: Catastrophe
• 21 brand new Crusade Missions: for Combat Patrol, Incursion, Strike Force and for Onslaught and Treachery and Honour rules for multiplayer games

US $40/ CAN $50

Warzone Octarius: Critical Mass Dice
• Contains 20x D6 dice
• Dark green dice with an off white ink
• The ‘6’ facing is decorated with an Inquisitorial rosette with a Xenos skull at the centre
• Themed around the War Zone Octarius narrative

US $35/ CAN $40

Blood Bowl: Khorne Team
• A brand new Blood Bowl team!
• Contains 12x miniatures, with Blood Bowl Coins, Turn and Re-roll Markers, Balls, transfer sheet and rules in the box
• Essential for any Khorne player

US $40/ CAN $52

Blood Bowl: Khorne Team Dice
• All dice are metallic red with black swirl and brass ink
• Contains 7 Dice: 3x Blood Bowl 6-sided dice, 2x 6-sided dice, 1 Blood Bowl 8-sided dice, and 1 Blood Bowl 16-sided Dice

US $18/ CAN $24

Blood Bowl: Spike! Journal Issue 13
• Collates and revises all the rules available for Traitor armies that have been printed outside the core rulebook, together with a host of changes and new content

US $15/ CAN $18

Blood Bowl: Khorne Pitch & Dugouts
• Includes unique rules for using each side of the pitch on the box
• Features Khorne-themed artwork on each side – an essential purchase alongside the new Khorne Blood Bowl team

US $47/ CAN $56

Blood Bowl: Khorne Team Card Pack
• A deck of 44 reference cards for use by a Khorne Team
• Includes 4 Star Player cards all who can play for Khorne teams, and 16 Special Play Inducement cards that are unique and bespoke to Khorne teams only available in this set

US $27/ CAN $32

Necromunda: Cawdor Weapons & Upgrades
• Expand the arsenal and accessories available to your Cawdor gangs in games of Necromunda
• 14x weapon upgrades (deadly close combat heavy ranged), 10x heads (5x duplicated), and 4x Flakk armour for House Cawdor gangs

US $25/ CAN $30

Dawn of Fire: The Wolftime
• By Gav Thorpe
• Book 3 of the Dawn of Fire series sees the Space Wolves battle the Orks Related products: Space Wolves Range, Orks Range

US $16/ CAN $17

Da Gobbo’s Revenge
• By Mike Brooks
• Follow Fingwit, as he is forced to embark on a journey to rise from a grot, to become a legend Related products: Da Red Gobbo on Bounca

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