Saturday, November 30, 2019

Kickstarter Survey

Stonemeier Games posted an interesting column on their website this week, looking at the results of a survey of retailers conducted by Joe Siebert of FlameStryke Games and John Stephens posted a follow up column, responding to the Stonemeier Games post. Siebert and FlameStryke recently launched their first Kickstarter campaign for their game Royal Bastards and apparently conducted the survey in order to garner current retailer interest in and willingness to support Kickstarter funded games ( I sent a message to FlameStryke Games asking for some more details on the survey but have not heard anything back yet, so all of my comments are based on the Stonemeier Game .  FlameStryke also sent the store some promotional cards for the game, along with a letter promoting the campaign, but we have not decided whether or not to back it).

According to the Stonemeier Games post, of the 1042 retailers FlameStryke contacted which I gather the company quantified for the survey by asking if they carried Scythe or Catan as stocking those would indicate the store has boardgames as at least part of its product mix, 223 or 21% said they had backed at least one Kickstarter.

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