Friday, November 8, 2019

Events and Newsworthyness

The effectiveness of public relations in our industry is pretty limited, primarily due to our comparatively small market. I would be willing to bet that the entire industry’s annual sales only amount to a small percentage of Wal-mart’s or Amazon’s sales, meaning that news in our industry does not matter much to those who don’t play hobby games. The trick, in order to get people in the greater market and the news media to pay attention to your news is to tie it to their interests or to tie it to a more “newsworthy” event.  That is a concept called 'newsjacking" in which you use an event in the news to draw attention to your event. When it works, it can work great. However, you have to be very careful as to which events you choose. Something that is trending on Twitter is often doing so because something unpleasant happened. Check out trending topics before using them.

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