Thursday, July 11, 2019

Magic Promo Packs

WOTC has decided to replace their promo cards for Magic events with promo packs. We get a certain number of promo packs based on attendance and have to make those last until the next "season" which will start with "Archery" at the end of September. So how to allocate them.

What we have decided to do in order to make sure as many people get a card as possible is to open packs, based on the number of players, and allow players to choose a card based on their standing at the end of the tournament. If we have 8 players, we would open 3 packs. let the players select the cards and then add the remaining cards to the selection pool for the next tournament. Of course, this would mean, in order to get a promo card, players would have to remain until the end of the tournament.

The other option we could choose, and this is the one used by Desert Sky Games, is to not put in a pack in events that do not have at least 8 players. With an 8 player event, the player that goes 3 & 0 gets the promo pack in lieu of 3 booster packs. With every 6 additional players, we add one more promo pack to the pool but those are given out randomly, rather than based on standing.

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts on either method. Please comment or let us know when you stop off at the store.


  1. Probably the second option is best. The fun of winning a promo pack should include opening it. Do you have list of events yet where players can win these packs?

  2. Currently we open them as prize support for the Standard, modern and draft tournaments. You can find the schedule for them on the store website.