Thursday, February 9, 2017

Return of Nationals and the End of GPTs

WOTC announced today that it will bring back the Nationals,which the company ended about 5 years ago in favor of the World Magic Cup. Along with this, the company also announced the end of the store-level Grand Prix Trials. By playing in a GPT, the winner earned a first round bye at the associated Grand Prix tournament.

The stated reason for ending the GPTs was mixed success and limited turnout. I would have to agree with that as we never saw much interest from players in us hosting GPTs here. The two times we hosted one saw more players from outside the region come to play than did local players. IIRC, out of the region players outnumbered local players by 4 to 1 and we still barely had enough players to sanction the tournament. With the limited turnout, and judge requirements, we never saw much impetus to push a stronger GPT schedule.

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