Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Your Comics (Probably) Aren't Worth That Much

We get people coming in every week wanting to sell or trade us comics. If you call us, we will try to save you a trip in by asking you a few questions first. Generally, our first question is "What is the cover price printed on the cover?" The price is a key indicator of potential value and unfortunately, the vast majority of comics aren't worth much.

If your comic has a cover price of $1 or more, it probably is not worth very much, certainly not the hundreds of thousands or millions you read about in the news. Why? It was printed during the 80s when the number of comic collectors increased. As the number of collectors increased, the number of collections of books printed during the 80s, 90s and 2000s increased and were polybagged in collections. With so many books around, the law of supply and demand meant that, with a few exceptions, books stayed at cover price or dropped drastically in value.

Your comics have value if they have a cover price of 10 or 12 cents or a quarter if they are Marvel Comics. Comics with those prices were produced long before collectors entered the field and as such, are much scarcer and harder to find in good condition because, well, kids read them and we know how kids, even today, treat things.

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