Sunday, July 21, 2013

From the Vault-Twenty Pre-orders

Since we have had a lot of people calling us about pre-orders for From the Vault-20 (the announcement of Jace the Mind Sculptor as one of the cards really spurred that), here is how we will handle pre-orders:

1.  We still don't know how many we will receive so are not taking any money currently, just names. We will post on Facebook, Twitter and the store website when we will take payment.  If you do not pay by a week before the release date, we reserve the right to release your hold to the next person in line.

2.  We are allocating FTV20 according to the following criteria in the order listed:

a.  people who play Magic at the store as shown by participation in DCI Tournaments here (minimum 2 tournaments in the previous two months) AND who have a Preferred Customer Card.

b.  customers who have a Preferred Customer Card but do not play Magic regularly

c.  Magic players who have played in at least 2 DCI Sanctioned tournaments here during the previous two months.

d.  anyone else who does not fit the previous criteria but is a customer of the store.  We have no desire to sell From the Vault Twenty to people who call the store from Pennsulvania or New Mexico (or England).

Getting on the list does not guarantee that you will get the opportunity to purchase a FTV20.  It means you will be among those offered the opportunity to purchase one at MSRP ($39.99) You will only be guaranteed to get one after we take your money.  Giving us your name in the store is the surest way to make certain we get you on the list.  Calling in is second best.  Contacting us via email, Twitter or Facebook risks the message getting lost so if you do that, be sure to follow up.   Also note that we will keep a few for prizes in future events and sale in the store.

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