Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New For Shadowrun

Several interesting items coming out from Catalyst Game Labs this year or theYear of Shadowrun, as they are calling it. First is the 6th edition rulebook. No indication Chet as to what changes we can expect from 5th edition and the projected price is $15 more than the current edition.

Shadowrun enters the deck building genre with a cooperative DBG titled Shadowrun Crossfires, scheduled to release about the same time as the new edition of the RPG rules. We can also expect the return of the Shadowrun novel, with omnibus collections of a number published durning the '90s as well as new releases.

This fall,there's Sprawl Gangers, a skirmish miniatures combat game, somewhat reminiscent of the old Shadowrun DMZ game. A point based game, the rules allow a player to upgrade a miniature's abilities based on resources gained in previous games.

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