Monday, March 25, 2013

Games Workshop Terms

Received an email from Games Workshop stating that our stockist agreement superseded the terms and conditions email they sent out last week.  Also that the terms and conditions contract did not stop stores from dealing in used miniatures. 

For those of you who are not retailers, this was important as freight charges are a major concern to game store such as ours.  The new terms and conditions agreement sent out by GW limited stores to only one freight free shipment per week and that had to exceed $400.  This would limit the number of orders the store would put in, as we often do not need to order that much Games Workshop merchandise at a time. We would have likely shipped to putting in an order every other week to meet the new minimums, rather than weekly as we do now, making it take longer for restocks to come in.  The restatement essentially returns everything to where it was before.

Another problem with the new terms and conditions as written was it said stores cannot open packages of GW miniatures and sell them outside of the package.  As written, this appeared to prevent stores from dealing in used miniatures, which by their very nature, are sold out of the package.  As written, the new terms and conditions would have stopped us from buying and selling used GW miniatures, if we wanted to remain in good standing as a GW account.

For stores not selling online, their status with Games Workshop has returned to quo.  For stores selling online, however, the terms and conditions make it almost  impossible to continue doing business.

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