Monday, February 25, 2013

Why We Don't Have Zombie Dice

Although Pandemic's endemic out of stocks over the Christmas holidays attracted lots of attention from game stores, another TableTop-featured game was out of stock for the entire holiday shopping season and still has not come back into distribution.  Zombie Dice, both before and after its TableTop episode, sold steadily for us, and many other stores.  Much like Pandemic, none of my distributors have had it in stock since before Christmas but unlike Pandemic, Zombie Dice is available through multiple distributors and also unlike Pandemic's publisher, Steve Jackson Games has a pretty good track record of getting their out of stock products back into production very quickly.  This makes the three-month long absence of Zombie Dice quite surprising.  We can get Zombie Dice 2 without any difficulty but it is rather had to sell the expansion to people who don’t have the original game.  Here's hoping the out of stocks do not last much longer.

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