Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gee Thanks, Games Workshop

Well, isn’t this just peachy.  From Games Workshop’s website:  

Death from the Skies brings the white-knuckle intensity of aerial combat in the 41st Millennium to your tabletop, featuring selected material from White Dwarf magazine, the Crusade of Fire supplement and exclusive new content. Exclusively available from, this 72-page, full colour softback compendium book is crammed with background information, gaming ideas and hobby inspiration to help you bring the battle for air superiority to life.

Not a mention of this when we put in orders last week.  According to some other retailers who I have heard from, they, being more tuned in to the Games Workshop rumor mill, had heard about it and asked their sales representatives, who either knew nothing about it or said the rulebook was just a rumor.  Going from rumor to offered item in less than a week is a pretty dang quick turnaround.

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