Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Plethoria of Pathfider

There’s a plethoria of Pathfinder from Pazio to peruse at this point.  Arriving in on the same shipment, the new Deep Forest Flip Mat, Magnimar, City of Monuments, Pathfinder Player Character Folios, and, probably of most interest, the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition.  I really had no great expectations for this last one. Though we had a few inquiries, we had no pre-orders until we made the announcement that our shipment was on the way (Sigh).  Typically, Pathfinder modules sell poorly here, due to their limited use and Pazio’s pushing them as PDFs before they release to the brick and mortar market.  However, Rise of the Runelords has proved a pleasant surprise.  Much like with the 1st edition AD&D books, we quickly sold out of our original order but got a restock in for the weekend.  So far, we have sold half the total ordered, far better than our order of Descent 2nd Edition, all of which are still sitting on the shelves.

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