Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am really glad to see that Fantasy Flight Games has reprinted Games Workshop's Dungeonquest boardgame, with higher quality components including some very nicely detailed plastic figures that can also be used in Descent, Runewars and Rundbound, and for only $20 than the original game sold for.

That's not why I'm happy to see this back in print though. I'm a big fan of Dungeonquest because it's one of the very few boardgames that works really well as a solo game or as a multiplayer one. The need to plan and allocate time makes Dungeonquest fascinating each time I play. Do I risk jumping over the pit when my character doesn't have a high jump score or take the extra turns to move around it? Search for smaller quantities of treasure on the board or move towards the pile of loot in the dragon's lair, which a much larger chance of treasure but also the opportunity of becoming dragon chow. Run for the exit now or take another turn to search and risk having the entire castle collapse around my head?

The game gets addictive. We ran a tournament some years ago in which people played as many games as they wanted over a two week period and we'd keep track of their scores. We'd have people coming in and playing 2 or 3 sessions a day just trying to best their own score, never mind their ranking in the tournament. They enjoyed it that much.

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