Saturday, August 14, 2010

D and D Encounters Changes

WOTC has announced that stating with Session 11 (the August 18th game) of this season's D&D Encounters, you may create your own character instead of using one of the pre-generated ones. Here are the specifics:

Starting with Chapter 3 of D&D Encounters: Dark Sun on August 18, all players may create their own 3rd-level Dark Sun character instead of using the provided pre-generated ones. Here are the rules:
  • No divine character classes or options
  • No material from the Forgotten Realms® Player's Guide or the Eberron® Player's Guide
  • Allowed character races are dragonborn, dwarf, eladrin, elf, half-elf, halfling, human, tiefling (PH1); goliath (PH2); minotaur (PH3); mul, thri-kreen (DSCS)
  • Pick a character theme from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting
  • Characters start at 3rd level with 620 gold to purchase equipment and receive their choice of a +1 magic weapon, +1 magic implement, +1 magic armor, or a +1 amulet of protection
Have fun playing the last chapter of this season of D&D Encounters, and don't forget that a new season starts up on September 22 — Keep on the Borderlands!

Edited to correct the numbering of next week's session.

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  1. You don't mean Session 3, you mean Chapter 3. Or Session 11.