Saturday, July 17, 2010

Magic 2011

Interesting reactions to Magic 2011 so far. The new titans have been a big hit and are the most sought after cards so far. A number of the commons are not that common. Out of two displays of boosters opened, we only pulled 5 Lightning Bolts, 8 Duresses and 6 Llanowar Elves. We pulled almost as many Rootbound Crags as we did Mana Leaks. The Intro Packs haven't drawn much attention yet, though from what I understand, the black/white Blades of Victory is the hottest selling deck, while the red/green Stampede of Beasts the slowest.

Though today is only the second day of release, I'm rather surprised at how slowly fat packs are selling as we usually move 8-10 of those the first day of a release and so far only 4 have sold.

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