Saturday, July 24, 2010


In case you were wondering why we changed the policy regarding letting Preferred Customers use the back game rooms after hours, it's because of the new alarm system. The alarms are hooked up to both doors and there are motion sensors inside the store as well, both in the retail area and the game room area. Ergo, any movement in either area after we've turned the alarms on sets them of, bringing a visit by the police and a call from the alarm company.

We are keeping the game room open later, til 9 p.m. on most nights that it gets used and Preferred Customers may request that we keep it open late for them to use. However, a staff member will have to stay so it depends on what our schedule is. Contacting us ahead of time is your best bet for using the game room late, though asking us the day that you want to use it will probably be met with a "sorry, no".

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