Monday, May 3, 2010

New Releases

Here's a list of products that were new or restocked last week:

AEG3300 L5R RPG 4E
AEGMMA2010 MMA Extreme Fight Board Game
AMYST5106 Warpaints Starter Set: Black Spray Set
AMYST5107 Warpaints Starter Set: White Spray Set
APE0701 Duck! Duck! GO! Revised
BBG2000 Please Stand By
BLG00301 Pocket Yamslam
BLG00360 Sumoku
BLG00380 Golden Gate
BLG00400 Crazy Cheese Puzzle
BLG00410 Spot It!
BPN1002 Card Tower
BPN1012 The Colony
BPN1014 Hokkaido
BPN1015 Knights of Crylail
CSECB002 Cribbage: Bears
CSECB004 Cribbage: Packers
CSECB005 Cribbage: Raiders
CSECB007 Cribbage: Steelers
CSECB013 Cribbage: Packers/Bears Dueling
CSECB014 Cribbage: Badgers Hockey
CSECH001 Checkers: 49ers
CSECH002 Checkers: Bears
CSECH003 Checkers: Eagles
CSECH004 Checkers: Packers
CSECH005 Checkers: Raiders
CSECH006 Checkers: Saints
CSECH007 Checkers: Steelers
CSECH008 Checkers: Dodgers
CSECH009 Checkers: Red Sox
CSECH010 Checkers: SF Giants
CSECH011 Checkers: Yankees
CSECH012 Checkers: Wisconsin Badgers
CYT35305 CBT: Jihad Hot Spots: Terra
FFGBL12 Battelore: Horrific Horde Goblin Army Pa
FFGBW01 Battelore: Battles of Westeros
FFGCS2031 Anima Tactics: Arkham
FFGCS2032 Anima Tactics: Al D'jinn
FFGCS3030 Anima Tactics: Raziel Archetypum
FFGCT36 CoC: The Spoken Covenant
FFGDW01 Deathwatch
FFGGOT56 GoT: LCG: Return of the Others
FFGTH14 Tannhauser: Revised Rules of Play
FFGWHC09 WH: LCG: Invasion Burning of Dericksburg
FYF0401 Conquest of Planet Earth, The Space Alie
GAW64-45 40K: Ruins of Osgiliath
GAW89-17 WFB: River Trolls
GAW89-18 WFB: Orc Boar Boyz
GBD1002 Labyrinth Lord: Adv Ed. Companion
GF9BX03 A Bridge Too Far
GMT1004 Chariots of Fire
GMT1005 Stalin's War
GMT1006 Leapiing Lemmings
GMT1008 Normandy 44
GMT1009 Pensacola 1781
GMT1010 Germantown
HCG773 BS: Moonfairies
HCG774 BS: Moonfairies Blister
HSB02104 Rook
IWM20-492 BT: Blood Asp Prime RE
IWM20-493 BT: Bear Cub
IWM20-494 BT: Danai Support Vehicle
IWM20-495 BT: Galahad Mech - GLH-2D
IWM20-496 BT: Thunderbird TRB_D36 Aero-Fighter
IWM20-497 BT: M1 Moltke Main Battle Tank
K+C163 KODT #163
KOI88354 YGO: 2010 YU-GI-OH! 5D’S SD
KOI88397 YGO: 4Pkt: Crow and Black-Winged Dragon
KOI88402 YGO: Gold Series 3
LGNBLK001 Black Sleeves, 50 Count
LGNBLU002 Blue Sleeves, 50 Count
LGNGRN005 Green Sleeves, 50 Count
LGNMAT006 Matson Art Sleeve, 50 Count
LGNRED003 Red Sleeves, 50 Count
LGNWHI004 White Sleeves, 50 Count
MFG3131 Catan - Card Game
MFG3203 Catan Histories: Settlers of America Tra
MFG4120 Dust Dice & Dollars - Casino: Vegas
MGCKWE791 Elves Lord on Battledragon
MGCKWU701 Undead Death King's Cabal (4)
MGCPSU311 Undead Paint Set
MGCTBC111 Messenger Bag w/Troop Set
MNIGAIR001 Small Airplane Pawns (7)
MNIGCAR001 Automobile Pawns (9)
MNIGPAW001 Plastic Large Pawns (10)
MNIGPAW021 Plastic Pawns (11)
MNIGSUB001 Submarine Pawns (8)
MNIGTNK001 WWI Era Tanks (8)
MONBINBLU Monster Binder, Blue
MONBINGLD Monster Binder, Gold
MONBINGRN Monster Binder, Green
MONBINSIL Monster Binder, Silver
MUMKPW IGS: King Philips War
OMMMW324 Miniature Wargames #324
OMMMW325 Miniature Wargames #325
OMMMW326 Miniature Wargames #326
OMMMW327 Miniature Wargames #327
OMMMW328 Miniature Wargames #328
OSPACE094 Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War
OSPCAM220 Operation Crusader '41:Rommel in Retreat
OSPCAM222 Salamis 480 BC: The Naval Campaign That
OSPCAM223 Operation Nordwind '45: Hitler's Last Of
OSPCMD003 George S. Patton
OSPCMD004 Julius Caesar
OSPDUE027 German Commerce Raider vs British Cruise
OSPDUE028 Mirage III vs MiG-21: Six Day War 1967
OSPELI181 WWII Battlefield Communications
OSPFOR096 Fortress of Rhodes 1309-1522, The
OSPGEN1627 Roman Army, The
OSPGEN2417 Fire, Ice & Fury: True Story of the Batt
OSPMAA458 Army of the Republic of Vietnam 1955-75
OSPMAA459 Varangian Guard 988-1453, The
OSPNVG167 German Battleships 1914-18 (2):
OSPRAID011 Pegasus Bridge-Benouville D-Day 1944
PFSSUB2009 The Cartographer's Annual v.III
PKU10356 PKM: HGSS Trainer Kit
PZO1116 Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 2
PZO3014 Plot Twist Cards
PZO3015 Item Cards: Serpent's Skull
PZO3016 Condition Cards
PZO4027 Map Pack: Hellscapes
PZO4028 Map Packs: Shops
PZO4029 Map Packs: Ambush Sites
PZO8027 Template: Novel of the Archonate, A
PZO8028 Before They Were Giants: First Works
PZO8029 Sojan the Swordsman: Under Warrior Star
PZO8030 Battle the Dawn: Complete Hok the Mighty
PZO8501 Winter Witch
PZO8502 Prince of Wolves
PZO9034 PF34: Blood for Blood
PZO9036 PF36: Sound of a Thousand Screams
PZO9037 PF37: Souls for the Smuggler's Shiv
PZO9038 PF: Racing to Ruin
PZO9039 PF: City of Seven Spear, The
PZO9040 PF: Vault of Madness
PZO9041 PF: Thousand Fangs Below, The
PZO9222 PC: Heart fo the Jungle
PZO9223 PC: City of Strangers
PZO9224 PC: Kingmaker Poster Map Folio
PZO9225 PC: Book of the Damned Vol2: Lords of Ch
PZO9226 PC: World
PZO9227 PC: Misfit Monsters
PZO9228 PC: Inner Sea Poster Map Folio
PZO9229 PC: Lost Cities of Golarion
PZO9413 PC: Orcs of Golarion
PZO9414 PC: Inner Sea Primer
PZO9415 PC: Halflings of Golarion
PZO9525 PF Module: From Shroe to Sea
PZO9526 PF Module: Curse of the Riven Sky
PZO9527 PF Module: Witchwar Legacy, The
PZO9528 PF Module: Godsmouth Heresy, The
QWOJMIX01 Jar of Dice (d6, d10, d20)
QWOJMIX02 Jar of Dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d20, d100)
RIO419 Carcassonne: Castles, Bridges & Bazaars
SJG4210 Munchkin Marked For Death
SKP1002 Muerte al Chupacabras!
SQW30033 Flip-Mat: Prison
SQW30034 Flip-Mat: Pirate Island
SQW30035 GameMastery Flip-Mat: Forest
SQW30036 GameMastery Flip-Mat: City Streets
TSL0412FREE Wealth of Nations Super Industry Promo
ULP81728 DP: Elmore Dragon Rider
ULP82502-p Portfolio: 4pkt - Exalted Dragon w/ foil
ULP82503-P Portfolio: 4pkt - Warlock w/ foil
ULP82504-P Portfolio: 4pkt - Spiral Dragon w/ foil
ULP82541 DP: MtG: M11 #1
ULP82542 DP: MtG: M11 #2
ULP82543 DB: MtG: M11
ULP82544 DB: Horiz Load: MtG: M11
ULP82545 Portfolio: 9pkt MtG: 2011
USOCA004000 Cranium: Disney Family
USOMN003000 Monopoly: Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary
USOMN051198 Monopoly: The Office
USOMN070000 Monopoly: John Wayne
USOMN072000 Monopoly: Dinosaur
USOMN075296 Monopoly: Hello Kitty
USOTP004261 Trivial Pursuit: Nightmare Before Xmas
USOYZ005191 Yahtzee: Super Mario
USOYZ075296 Yahtzee: Hello Kitty
WOC207590000 MtG: Magic 2011 BD
WOC207600000 MtG: Magic 2011 Intro Pack Dis
WOC207610000 MtG: Magic 2011 Fat Packs
WOC248410000 MtG: Archenemy
WOC250750000 MtG: Promo 1/2 Decks M10
WOC251520000 D&D Tiles: Deserts of Athas
WOC253830000 4E: Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings
WOC253840000 4E: Monster Manual 3
WWP80108 EX 2E: Return of the Scarlet Empress
XRP6113 AA: White Dragon Run
ZMG4063 Onirim
ZMG4064 Magical Athlete
ZMG4065 Parade
ZMG7047 Road Kill Rally
ZMG7049 Martinique
ZMG7051 Duel of the Giants

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