Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mural Contest

We're putting a mural on the side of the building between the entrance doors and the street and we're asking for artwork for you. What we're looking for:

1. G rated artwork. This will be seen by 7000 people per day so huge demon princes are out.
2. Scalable. The space we're filling is about 8' x 12' so your work will need to expand to fit that area without losing recognizability.
3. Related to what we sell. Games and comics good, rock band symbols, not so much.
4. Does not have to be a completed piece. If you can just give us a sketch indicating your ideas, that would be great.
5. It can be B&W or color. The finished mural will be color but if you want to turn in a B&W piece, that's fine.

We'd like to have your sketch by June 19, either on paper here at the store or sent via email. We'll post them up in the store and let our customers vote. The one getting the best response by July 4 wins first (and only) prize of getting muralized (is that a word) on the wall.