Friday, May 21, 2010

New Arkham Horror Expansion

Releasing later this summer, Dark Pacts is the upcoming The Lurker at the Threshold expansion for Arkham Horror. New powers are stirring in the town of Arkham; powers that seduce and feed off the unwary. Dark promises echo in the minds of those who are lonely or desperate to stave off insanity and bodily harm. But this promised power comes at a deadly price.

Dark Pacts are a new mechanic for Arkham Horror that come in three different flavors: Blood Pact, Soul Pact, and Bound Ally. Each appears to be purely beneficial to investigators, but they also have powerful detriments that build up over time. At the start of any turn, an investigator may take a Dark Pact card from the Herald and immediately gain its benefits. There is a terrible cost, however...

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