Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Modern Horizons 3


We have been checking the prices for Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3, releasing this summer, skipping over Outlaws of Thunder Junction, which, surprisingly, at least to me, has far more interest among our customers than Murders at Karlov Manor (We still have difficulty explaining just what Murders at Karlov Manor:  Clue Edition is.  “Where is the board” is the most common question.).  However, since Thunder Junction has prices close to those of Murders of Karlov Manor, I wanted look at the pricing for Modern Horizons 3, to see how it compared with the jaw dropping pricing for last summer’s Commander Masters. Although the prices for Modern Horizons 3 are high, at least compared to a current set of Magic such as Murders at Karlov Manor, they pale In comparison to the prices Wizards of the Coast charged for Commander Masters. T

he store will be able to sell a Modern Horizons 3 Play booster for under $15 and still make a pretty good profit, whereas Commander Masters boosters, both draft and set, still must sell for over $20 apiece to make a marginal profit. Even the Modern Horizons 3 Collector boosters will sell for a reasonable price, at least if one considers the price of a Lord of the Rings Collector booster reasonable.  After looking at the pricing for Bundles and Commander Decks, it appears prices for Bundles and Commander Decks have shot upwards, with keystone pricing for Bundles a bit over $100 and keystone for Modern Horizon 3 Commander Decks a whopping 40% up over the Commander Masters’ Commander Decks. If you want to keystone pre-release kit pricing, )yes, there will be a Modern Horizons 3 pre-release), stores are looking at right around $70. For a pre-release event, that is pricy. Unless pre-order demand spikes sharply, the store will likely take its normal number of Bundles but cut back significantly on Commander Decks and pre-releases there was already significant price resistance to the pricing on Commander Masters Commander Decks.

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