Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pokemon Release Updates

 Appears that some Pokemon releases will be delayed.

Battle Style Wave 3 boosters should be here any day.  Chilling Reign Wave 2 should be about the first week of November and Evolving Skies Wave 2 should be middle of November.

NDPK80941 – Celebrations Collectors Chest, is currently being delayed from its 10/22 release to a late November release due to delays in components being delivered to them.  Waves 2 and 3 are being postponed to a Q1 2022 release

NDPK80912 – Urshifu VMAX Battle Deck is being delayed from its November release to 12/3/21 due to component delays.

NDPK80903 – Dragonite/Hoopa V Box is being delayed from its 11/12/21 release date to 12/3/21 as well.

NDPK80915 – Celebrations Pikachu V Union Box is still delayed from its 10/8 release, due to a quality problem with components.

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