Sunday, October 10, 2021

Pokemon Card Policy

 We only offer store credit for Pokemon, no cash. The reason for this dates back 20 years to the first huge surge in Pokemon. At the time, we had a lot of people bringing in collections of Pokemon that obviously had no knowledge of the game. Despite the fact that kids primarily played the game, a lot of older men brought in collections wanting money. In odred to dissuade the likelihood of theft, we started offering only trade on the cards and the number of odler men brining in collections dropped precipitously. 

Given the number of fake Pokemon cards out there now, we opted to keep the policy as, should we trade for a fake card, we are only out the value of the traded cards rather than cash. The only exception would be Pokemon bulk, for which we would offer $5 cash per thousand cards, no Grass or fighting Pokemon though as we have waaaay to many of them.

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