Thursday, September 2, 2021

Magic Midnight Hunt Booster Contents

 here are the contents for each type of booster for Midnight Hunt

nnistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster Contents:

• 1x Double-Faced U/R/M

• 1x Single Faced U/R/M (1 R/M in every pack. If double-faced card is R/M, single faced • card is U, and vice versa)

• 1x Double-Faced C

• 2x Single-Faced U

• 9x Single-Faced C (Double or single-faced traditional foil of any rarity replaces a single-faced Common in 33% of packs)

• 1x Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Land

• 1x Helper card

• 1x Token or Ad card

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Set Booster Contents:

• 1x Art Card (Art card is foil stamped version in 5% of packs)

• 1x Double- or Single-Faced R/M

• 1x Foil Double- or Single-Faced C/U/R/M

• 2x Double- or Single-Faced C/U/R/M (Equinox, Eternal Night, Borderless or Commander card in some packs)

• 2x Double- or Single-Faced C/U (Double-faced Equinox, single-faced Equinox, or regular double-faced C/U)

• 2x Single-Faced U

• 3x Single Faced C

• 1x Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Land (Eternal Night Land is traditional foil in some packs)

• 1x Token, Ad card, Helper card, or card from The List (A list of cards from Magic history—1 card from The List in 25% of packs)

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Collector Booster Contents:

• 1x Foil Showcase, Borderless, or Main Set Extended-Art R/M (Showcase card may be Equinox or Eternal Night)

• 1x Showcase or Borderless R/M (Showcase card may be Equinox or Eternal Night)

• 1x Foil Showcase Equinox C/U

• 2x Showcase Equinox C/U

• 1x Extended-Art Commander R/M

• 1x Extended-Art Main Set R/M

• 1x Foil R/M

• 2x Foil U

• 4x Foil C

• 1x Foil Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Land 1x Foil Double-Sided Token

• 1x Foil Double-Sided Token

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