Monday, April 26, 2021

Sherlock Files

The store recently started stocking The Sherlock Files  from Indie Board and Cards, the same company that publishes The Resistance and Coup, both of which  have sold hundreds of copies for us  over the years. I thought it would be similar to Clue when I first read the description but it has more similarity to the recent spate of “puzzle room” games that have hit the market. There are three sets currently on the market and each set contains three single play cases. To play, players open the deck for that game, read the set up and then take turns playing cards on the table. Each card contains a clue and players have to decide if the clue is relevant or irrelevant to the case. Relevant cards stay in the game, irrelevant ones get discarded. When the deck is exhausted, the players then discuss the case and clues, with the ability to refer to the relevant clues .

 However, they can only use what they remember from the cards discarded as irrelevant.  Players then complete a checklist of villain, motive, method, etc. . Once they complete the list, they refer to the case guide again and score 2 points for each correct answer and subtract 1 point for each irrelevant card deemed relevant.  It is a fun game for those who like puzzle solving and suitable for 1 to 8 players.  Each case is, as noted above, only playable once, unless you are really good at forgetting, the clues, and the designer only used the Sherlock name to indicate the theme of the game, as Holmes, Watson and Mrs. Hudson make no appearance. Still, we have been pleasantly surprised by its sales and will keep it in stock.  

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