Saturday, January 30, 2021

Poop Games


Well, given that the most popular toys in 2020,  and the most popular item in toys for last year all featured poop, I guess it is not too surprising to see games coming out in the hobby  channel  with poop as a major feature of gameplay Mass market games, primarily aimed at kids,  have featured poop and other gross out topics such as farting,  pimples and boogers for a couple of years now so I guess  hobby channel games ,  wanting to attract kids, who have loved gross things for decades,  should look at this as a trend worth following, though the most successful of these games appear to focus on the tangible or audible aspects, rather than the game play. Dunno if there is a market for these sort of games in the hobby channel as the only ones I remember having any success were Breaking Games’  Poop and Neat Games Too Many Poops which sold OK but not great. Personally,  I would much rather see Euro Games’ Grass or Khemper Games’ Weed or Deluxe Weed become much more readily available in the hobby channel. We sold hundreds of copies of both over the decades before the legalization of cannabis (and still sell quite a bit of Stoner Fluxx) in many states. Now that its use is much more widely accepted and legally available at the state level, though still illegal at the federal level, seeing a game company make a strong push  to bring either or both back into hobby distribution seems a timely move.

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