Wednesday, January 27, 2021

GW Ordering

Due to demand for their products, shorthandedness at the warehouse and supply chain problems, GW has been allocated and selling out of their new releases the weekend they release. In order to "alleviate" this problem or at least minimize its effect on you getting the new products, GW has asked us to email orders for its new releases on Friday afternoon, thus allow us to get orders into the que earlier and increasing the likelihood of us getting them. They have moved to releasing new products every other week so if there is something on the list that you want, let us know by 9 p.m. Tuesday.  Next week's releases are: COMBAT PATROL: DARK ANGELS SPACE MARINES PRIMARIS ERADICATORS SPACE MARINES BLADEGUARD VETERANS SPACE MARINES STORM SPEEDER NECRONS PSYCHOMANCER WH UNDERWORLDS: KHAGRA'S RAVAGERS (ENG) WH UNDERWORLDS: KHAGRA'S RAVAGERS (FRE) CODEX: DARK ANGELS (HB) (ENGLISH) CODEX: DARK ANGELS (HB) (FRENCH) DATACARDS: DARK ANGELS (ENGLISH) DATACARDS: DARK ANGELS (FRENCH) THE DEACON OF WOUNDS (HB) DAWN OF FIRE: THE GATE OF BONES (PB)

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