Saturday, April 18, 2020

RIP Bill Levy

 I was sorry to hear that small press publisher Bill Levy passed away from a heart attack last week.  Anyone who attended a SF convenstion in the Mid-South region for the past 40 years likely had at least one, and probably  many, encounters with Bill, usually in the gaming rooms or con-suite where he could  (and did) talk on dozens of topics for hours.  I have carried games from his Godiva Games imprint (Brandub, DeepSlieep, Club, Spirax) since the 90s and planned to restock when I saw him later this year. I was also a big fan of his Night Mart strip, which he had published off and on for years ( I still sit down and flip through the one collection of the strips he published whenever I run across it in my library). From what I understand, he had suffered from chronic pain for a number of years, but my last memory of him is him at a convention panel enthusiastically reading from his first novel, which he expect to see published sometime this year.  He was a big man, with a big personality and his passing leaves a big hole. Rest in Peace Bill.

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