Monday, April 27, 2020


Talked about QAGS on the stores daily FB post last week, a very flexible and easy to learn RPG system Here is a summary of the rules:

How to Play
When you want to do something, roll a d20 and compare the result to your Number in the appropriate Word. If your roll is less than or equal to the Number, you succeed. The higher the roll, the better the success. If two or more characters are competing against one another, the highest successful roll wins and the difference between the rolls (failed rolls are treated as zero) determines the margin of victory.

Character Stats 

  • Body describes physical traits: strength, agility, and overall health.
  • Brain measures the character’s knowledge,education, and intellect.
  • Nerve is the character’s force of personality and covers social skills, willpower, and ability to handle pressure.
  • Job is what the character does or is. Describes the character’s basic skill set, resources, and contacts.
  • Gimmick is something special the character can do. Depending on the setting, this can be anything from a stupid human trick to a super power.
  • Weakness is something that causes trouble for the character. It can be a heroic flaw, an ancient curse, a bitter enemy, or anything else that ruins your day. When rolling Weakness, you want to fail the roll. If the roll succeeds, the Weakness takes effect. 
  • Body, Brain, Nerve, Job, Gimmick, and Weakness typically have Numbers between 6 and 16.
  • Skills are things the character knows or can do that aren’t covered by another Word--his extensive knowledge of Civil War history, his skill at pool, or his keen fashion sense, for example. Skills are rated +1 to +5. If a skill applies to a roll, add the Skill Bonus to the number the player’s rolling against. 
  • Tag Line is something clever your character might say.
  • Dumb Fact is just what it sounds like. 
  • WWPHITM? (Who Would Play Him/Her in the Movie?) helps everyone visualize your character a little better. 
  • Health Points are the number of points of damage a character can take. Initially equal to Body.
  • Yum Yums are delicious pieces of candy that players earn for contributing to the game. Yum Yums can be traded for automatic successes and re-rolls or used to improve rolls or reduce damage. They can also subtly alter reality in the player’s favor (the extent to which this is possible depends on how many Yum Yums the players have) and improve character stats.Yum Yums can also be eaten but this has no game effect.

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