Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Why We Check ID When Buying Items

The store policy is to check ID on purchases or trades of more than $10, simply due to the fact that there is theft of gaming products. Just this week, the manager at Centralia's Game Emporium has two backpacks with about 10 D&D 5e books in them stolen. The thief can either 1) use the books themselves 2) sell them on eBay or another website or 3) sell or trade them to a store. By collecting buyer information, we winnow out thieves, since people who have stolen the items they want to sell are generally leary about giving out contact information and showing a photo ID and, if we do happen to take in stolen merchandise, it makes it much easier to get it back to the owner and turn the thief over for prosecution.

It doesn't happen often, but using this process has allowed us to get stolen merchandise back to the owners a few times in the past 5 years and to turn the thief over to the authorities.

In order to avoid showing favoritism, we have a policy of requiring ID from everyone, even people who have shopped here for years if the amount totals $10 or more.

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