Tuesday, February 26, 2019

WOTC Announces Saltmarsh and Closes Window

WOTC announced yesterday it will release the U Series of 1st adventures updated for 5th Edition D&D as part of  a sea themed campaign titled the Ghosts of Saltmarsh. The 256 page book releases on May 21 with two covers, a standard one for both mass and direct channels and a soft touch cover only through the direct channel. This release also marks the end of early releases for specialty game stores. Prior to Ghosts, stores like ours received D&D releases a week to 11 days earlier than Amazon, Wal-mart and Barnes & Noble. Now, all stores will receive the book at the same time. However, only the specialty game store will receive the soft touch cover, at least, until stores start listing them on Amazon. WOTC also announced all forthcoming hardback releases will come with a alternate soft touch cover variant, only available at game stores. 

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