Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Counterfeit Codenames

Czech Games Editions is the latest game company to call attention to the number of counterfeit editions of its best selling game Codenames. Ways to tell if you have a counterfeit copy of the game include misspellings on game cards, flimsier card stock and a Chinese point of origin. Since Czeck Games Editions prints Codenames in the Czech Republic, online sellers shipping from China are likely selling counterfeited copies. If you look at this one, which originates in China, you can see from the provided photos that the components differ significantly from those included in a real copy of the game

Why does it matter?  Because the money spent on counterfeits never gets to the publisher of the game and, without the revenues from sales of their game, the publisher is unable to produce more copies of the game, develop new games or pay their bills.

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