Monday, November 21, 2016

The Orangelist

Apparently the latest kerfluffle in the gaming industry is The Orangelist. Near as I can gather, a group of gaming companies published a statement, Gamers for Her,  saying they supported Clinton for president, giving reasons why, and calling for other gamers to vote for her as well.

Now comes the Orangelist, which lists companies and individuals that allegedly voted for Trump and I think calls for a boycott against them. The call to action is pretty poorly written for someone who claims to be a writer. Unfortunately for the creator of the list, several of the companies on it are British and European and some, such as Agents of Gaming and Yaquinto shut their doors over a decade ago. Still other, whom the author claimed to have contacted, deny every receiving a phone call, email or IM from him.

It would appear the author had some spare time on his hands, a list of gaming companies and a desire for attention.

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