Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Comic Book Day Release

Hey there, Alan Tudyk here. (That's me in the pilot seat above -- pretty handsome, huh?)

I wish I was there to show you a back mole. It is a concern. It's probably nothing, but these things ... you never know.
Also, I would like to show you a comic book series I co-wrote. The comic is called Back Mole. Sorry, it is actually calledSpectrum. There it is now! Over on the right. The first issue comes out on Free Comic Book Day from Automatic Publishing and the marketing guys keep telling me to give you this code number: JAN160018. I hope that means something to you.

Spectrum was the "show within a show" in Con Man, the comedy series Nathan Fillion and Ireleased on Vimeo. The "Con" in Con Manstands for comic conventions and it's about that world. We crowd-funded it and raised a little over three million bucks. It broke records and shit. 46,000 people contributed so we could write this comic. I think you should stock it so those folks can buy it. Totally.

I just looked at the mole in a mirror -- it's a zit. I'm relieved and a little disgusted.

Anyone who liked our work on the TV show Firefly will be interested -- that inspired a lot of what we did on Con Man. But Spectrum is a cool sci-fi series on its own. It's got a gritty premise (a little girl is trying to prevent the complete destruction of the universe with the help of an alien, a handsome captain, and a spaceship built by a madman) and memorable characters with a lot of mystery and intrigue.   

We believe in it enough to put out the first issue of the four-issue mini-series for free, and I think you will like it. Nathan Fillion’s mug is on the cover. Sarah Stone did an amazing job illustrating for us. Shannon Denton is curating. Sci-fi novelist PJ Haarsma is co-writing it with me. There are some preview pages at the bottom of this email here.

There are no back moles and/or backne in the comic.

Yours partially,
Alan "Wash Lives" Tudyk
Alan Tudyk On His Spectrum Comic For Free Comic Book Day
That's me talking comics in the video above. I'm into this.

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