Friday, September 11, 2015

L5R Sold

AEG announced today it was selling the venerable Legend of the Five Ring RPG and trading card game to  Fantasy Flight Games:

For twenty years, Legend of the Five Rings has held a unique place among
Collectible Card Games (CCGs). It is not only one of the oldest around, it
stands out by being driven by its story...a story that has, in turn, been driven
by legions of devoted fans. We at AEG are thankful beyond words to all of the
awesome people who have made these past two decades so special for the CCG and
that most definitely includes you, our valued retail partners.

The time comes, however, when any healthy enterprise has to take a step back and look
hard and critically at itself. We've now reached that time in the life of the
L5R Brand. The focus of AEG has progressively shifted toward other types of
games over recent years, so, after some hard and detailed analysis (and, yes,
some deep soul-searching), we've concluded that it's time to start a new chapter
in the story of L5R. Accordingly, the upcoming Evil Portents expansion for the
CCG, and the �Atlas of Rokugan� for the RPG, will be the final products for L5R
produced by AEG. The L5R Brand will continue under a new owner, Fantasy Flight
Games (FFG). We believe that the good folks at FFG, some of whom have themselves
been involved with the L5R Brand for many years, will do an excellent job of
carrying the L5R Brand and the story of Rokugan on into its next twenty years.
Fantasy Flight Games anticipates that its first L5R product will be a relaunch
of the card game as a Living Card Game (LCG), with a debut event at Gen Con

Of course, your most immediate concern is likely to be, what about L5R
card game stock I currently have in my inventory? How am I going to realize any
value from it? Well, we�ve anticipated this, and will be offering to you the
last AEG expansion of the CCG, Evil Portents, essentially for free. We hope this
will help you to leverage sales of your remaining L5R product. More details
about this will be provided to you in the coming days.

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