Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harley's Little Black Book

When the new team up comic Harley's Little Black Book releases in December, it will be accompanied with a number of Harley Quinn themed variant covers on other books. These variant books will come in a black poly bag and will contain either a full color version of the cover, an inked black and white cover or a penciled cover. You won't know which one you get until you open the bag, or you can keep it sealed for collectabilities sake. More Details:

Last week at the the Diamond Retailer Summit, we talked about DC's
Polybag art by Amanda Conner
themed variant covers for December and HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK. Here are some of the most frequent questions, and our answers...
"What's the story with HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK?"
You like Harley Quinn, right? Sell a lot of copies? In December, DC Entertainment is launching a new, bimonthly, extra-sized team-up series called HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK! It's written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art mostly by Amanda plus a few friends, and a cover by Amanda. 
In issue #1, Harley learns of a plot to assassinate Wonder Woman-and Harley is convinced that only she can stop it! What could possibly go wrong? 
This issue also features a 1:25 variant cover by Amanda Conner.
HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK #1 (OCT150151) is solicited in the October Previews and is scheduled to arrive in stores on December 2. 
"What's up with the variant covers for December?"
Ten of DC's key titles will have Harley-themed, open-to-order variant covers in December by some of comics' top artists. These variant covers will be shipped in opaque polybags. 
Here they are:
*           BATMAN #47 - variant covers by Alex Ross 
*           THE FLASH #47 - variant covers by Terry Dodson 
*           GREEN ARROW #47 - variant covers by Tim Sale
*           GREEN LANTERN #47 - variant covers by Darwyn Cooke 
*           HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK #1 - variant covers by J. Scott Campbell
*           HARLEY QUINN #23 - variant covers by Bruce Timm
*           JUSTICE LEAGUE #47 - variant covers by Jim Lee
*           JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7 - variant covers by Joe Madureira
*           SUPERMAN #47 - variant covers by Lee Bermejo 
*           WONDER WOMAN #47 - variant covers by David Finch and Jonathan Glapion
"Okay, so why are the December variant covers in polybags?" 
Here's where things get interesting. These variant covers will be shipped in three versions: One features the finished, full-color artwork. The second features just the inked art in black and white. The third features just the pencil artwork, also in black and white. 
The polybags feature each series' logo, as seen in the October Previews. 
The only way to know which version of each variant you are getting is to open the polybags! Or you could keep them sealed and let your customers find out which version they're getting on their own.  

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