Monday, February 2, 2015

Setting Up DragonBall Z OP

Panini America, current maker of the Dragonball Z TCG was the hardest to contact but, conversely, the easiest with which to get set up. Hard because I spent a good 15 minutes on the Panini DragonBall Z website looking for contact information about the game and how to get the store set up for Op, with no luck. Not knowing what else to do, I sent an email to the general Panini American email address listed on the site, with little expectation of a response and my low expectations were met.
                Not having heard anything from Panini and with no luck asking my DBZ players who had gone to a DBZ regional who their contact person was, I asked my sales representative at Southern Hobby if he happened to have contact info for Panini (Thanks, Tom!). He didn’t directly, but another one of his accounts had managed to contact the OP people at Panini and he passed the email along to me. Within about 48 hours, I had a response from Richie at Panini asking for our store name, address, tournament dates and projected attendance. I responded with the requested information and the next day received an email telling us the company had approved us and promo materials for tournaments would ship out with the next wave of materials. Very easy, once I found a contact.

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