Monday, December 22, 2014

New Releases for Christmas and Why I Like 'em

Sitting here with a cuppa mulled cider and a platter of Christmas cookies, I must admit, it is rather nice to see the game companies time new releases to hit the shelf just before the Christmas holidays (and right during Hanukkah). No sarcasm meant. This is the time of year when people open their wallets (and  credit cards) for more expensive items and in the past week we saw the arrival of Star Wars Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games, the Borg Cube for Star Trek Attack Wing, Hostile Intent and Hidden Agenda for The Resistance, Munchkin Legends from our buddies at Steve Jackson Games and probably one or six I am forgetting.

 The great thing about having these hit the shelf now is that I have a great answer to “I want to get them something they don’t already have”. By having these come in just before Christmas, I have something to point to the customer that I can say “I can almost guarantee they don’t have this, since it just came in a couple of days ago.

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