Sunday, December 7, 2014

Busiest Shopping Days of the Year

So, if you are a customer wanting to know when to avoid the crowds, or a store owner needing to plan staffing (hopefully you have already done that), here, in order are the busiest shopping days of 2014;

Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving)
December 20th the Saturday before Christmas
December 13th
December 6th (the3rd Saturday before Christmas)
December 26th  (Boxing Day in Britain)
December 21st  (the Sunday before Christmas)
November 28th Small Business Saturday
December 19th  (the Friday before Christmas)
December 14th  (two Sundays before Christmas)
December 11th  (two Fridays before Christmas)

Incidentally, if you plan on ordering anything, best to get those orders in soon. The average order last year took about nine days to arrive, according to Direct Marking Magazine, meaning any orders put in after about the 15 of December  have a better than even chance of not arriving by Christmas Even (unless, of course, you wish to spend more for speedy delivery). If you look for items much after that date, your Friendly Local Game Store will be your best bet for making sure you get that particular present.

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