Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Free RPG Day 2 Page Dungeon Contest

To mark this year's Free RPG Day, the store is celebrating the creativity of gamemasters with a 2 page  Dungeon Contest.  Here are the rules:

1. All entries are due by 9 p.m. Central Time, June 21.

2.  Entries may be turned in on paper to the store or uploaded here.

3. Entries must include the following at the top of the page:  name and contact information, adventure title, RPG system and setting, if appropriate, number of players, appropriate levels or degree of difficulty and are to fix on a standard 8 1/2 x11" piece of paper. Front and back may be used.

4. Your entry may be single or double spaced and any font size. However, we will not make any effort to read small fonts and might just skip your entry so take that into consideration when selecting a font size.

Your entry may use the rules for any RPG system and may assume that the GM has a working familiarity with the rules and access to the core rulebook(s) i.e. the GM understands the concepts hit points, saving throws and spell points. All appropriate statistics for any NPCs or monsters must be included, as well as enough information for the GM to run any encounter, i.e. attack and damage bonuses, treasure, spells and equipment of note possessed, difficulty of accessing computer banks or breaking down doors.

Your adventure must have a set-up and a climax  and stand on its own. Characters need not have completed any other adventure to set them up for this one. If there are references to locations, you are expected to provide a map, which does count as part of the 2 page limit. The map may be computer generated or hand drawn but must be usable by the GM.

All entries will be judged by author AND editor Jean Rabe, who worked for TSR for a number of years and now writes and edits full time.

Winning entry(s) will receive $25 in store credit and become the property of the store as we plan to post them on the store website with credit given to the owner.

Email with question.

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