Friday, January 17, 2014

Games Workshop Woes

For those interested in Games Workshop behind the scenes, has a fascinating multi-part series looking at the operations of the company over the past few years, part financial analysis, part fan rant, culminating with Jan 16th's 24% drop in the stock price.

Part  the 1th  GW focuses on maximizing return to shareholders.

Part the 2nd  GW restricts sales to independent stores and quintuples stock price.

Part the 3rd  GW increases sales by supplying internet discount retailers.

Part the 4th  Selling to internet discount retailers cuts into GW profits.  How to fix?  Raise Prices.

Part the 5th  Finecast--a really bad idea. Ditto aggressive to the point of stupidity IP protection.

Part the 6th  No Community Outreach

Part the 7th  The Future of Games Days

Part the 7.5th  Breaking News!  Italian and French Game Day Managers Fired

Part the 8th  24% drop in stock price in one day

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