Thursday, January 9, 2014

3 Things to Remember about Facebook

1.  Not everyone is seeing what you post on Facebook.  Because of the way Facebook has its algorithms  and software set up, those who are your friends or who follow your page will only see about 15% of your posts.  For example, Castle Perilous Games & Books has just over 1850 of who like us (and for which we GREATLY thank you).  However, any post that we make gets seen by between 200-400 of those people.

2.  You determine what Facebook shows you. Not only can you set Facebook to "Get Notifications" from a page or mark them as a "close friend", which in both cases means you will get notified whenever they post, but you also determine what Facebook shows you in  your news feed through what sorts of posts you "like", comment on, or share.  If, for example, you regularly like photos, Facebook with recognize this and put more photos in your newsfeed.  If you share links, more links will appear and so forth.

3.  Facebook is not a substitute for a website.  Unless you work at it really hard or are willing to pay Facebook money, your Facebook page looks the same as everyone else's page, ergo you lack a lot of flexibility in the design, certainly compared to a webpage.  In addition, your Facebook page is subject to any changes that FB might want to make in the design or way that people receive your page.  The only person who controls the look of your website is you.

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