Monday, April 15, 2013

Fear Itself

Still catching up on my notes from this year’s GAMA Trade Show.  The most popular seminar/presentation of the show had to be the WizKids’ session, likely because at each presentation, attendees received a highly desirable HeroClix Convention Only figure.  However, Wk also gave out a lot of information about the next Organized Play campaign, Fear Itself.  I won’t go into detail about the Fear Itself OP program, as you have likely read about it elsewhere.  One thing I did take away from it was the increased importance WizKids has put upon online registration of both events and players.  In fact, in order to order the Fear Itself OP kit through Alliances, a store has to both purchase a certain number of boosters over the preceding period and register events on the WizKids’ website (which is still a work in progress and somewhat clunky, i.e. there is no indication on the site when you request a password reset that it goes through until the email shows up in your mailbox).  The limited edition Fear Itself booster set of 40 figures and the Blitzkrieg packs are nice add ons that will drive customers to participate in the Fear Itself event, though I would not take any bets on how long it takes before the FI boosters wind up for sale on eBay or other online locations.

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