Friday, April 19, 2013

Evil Baby Orphanage

I wasn’t expecting much when I sat in on Wyrd Miniatures presentation.  Puppet Wars seems a bit pricy to me and their Malifaux line had sold quite poorly here since the initial run of interest after it first arrived.  However, once again I found you can always learn something interesting or useful in every presentation.  This time ‘twas Evil Baby Orphanage, a card game in which players attempt to score points by capturing history’s greatest villains while they are still in their diapers and sending them off to an orphanage where they can be monitored.  I did not lay hands on a demo copy of this but was intrigued enough to bring it into the store when I returned and have it racked near Cards Against Humanity.  I’m always looking for a new twist on a quick card game and this one certainly qualifies.

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